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The registration fees are paid through the virtual on-line store (“Loja Virtual UC.PT”), with the two options:

1. basic registration = 100€ (it includes access to booklet of the conference, information plans, including coffee-breaks and lunch during the conference)



Registrations 2 and 3 are suspended for logistic purposes

2. basic registration + optional plan = 150€ (an optional additional plan of 50€ respecting a half day excursion to the surroundings of Coimbra, especially the Roman town of Conimbriga, and a final dinner)

3. social program only = 50€ (it includes dinner and excursion to the surroundings of Coimbra, especially the Roman town of Conimbriga)

NBAfter the end of May, the amount increases 10€.





P1 - Room IP - 3rd floor [Instituto de Paleografia]

P2 - Room 2 - 3rd floor

P3 - Room 3 - 3rd floor

P4 -  Room TP1 - 4th floor

P5 - Room 11 - 6th floor

P6 - Room IEI  - 6th floor [Instituto de Estudos Ingleses]

P7 - Room IHES - 3rd floor [Instituto de História Económica e Social]

P8 - Room 7 - 4th floor

P9 - Room 4 - 3rd floor

P10 - Room 15 - 4th floor

P11 - Room Amph. VI - 3rd floor [Anfiteatro VI]

P12 - Room 13  - 6th floor

P13 - Room 12 - 6th floor

P15 - Room 4 (3rd floor)+ Room Amph. III (4th floor)+ Room 11 (6th floor) [Anfiteatro III]

P16 - Room 1 - 3rd floor

P17 - Room 5 - 3rd floor

P18 - Room 14 (6th floor) + Room IHES (3rd floor) [Instituto de História Económica e Social]

P19 - Room IENA - 6th floor [Instituto de Estudos Norte-Americanos]

P21 - Room Sem IEI - 

P22 - Room 14 - 6th floor

P23 - Room TP2 - 4th floor



Keynotes' Plenaries - Paulo Quintela Theatre · Faculty of Arts and Humanities 

Plenary 1      Wednesday 26th · 5:45-6:45pm

Dennis Kehoe, Tulane University

Economic Approaches to the Law and Economic History in the Greco-Roman World


Plenary 2       Thursday 27th · 5:00-6:00pm

Thomas Figueira, Rutgers University

Thucydides 2.8.4-5 and the Nature of Ideological Sympathy in Fifth-Century Interstate Politics



Plenary 3       Friday 28th · 5:30-6:30pm

Bettina Joy de Guzman (Ancient Greek Music Performance)

Sing Goddess and Queen, Muse


Map of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities 

Map of University Restaurants for Lunches

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